A dreamy debut with a collection worthy of a great couturier who can be admired with your eyes to get straight to the heart and touches its center with its suave, mild and delicate sweetness.

Atelier Nicola Errico debuts in the world of wedding proceeding positively with considerable thanks the Nicola D'Errico's great experience in the fashion world and a knowledge of the feminine universe, with all its dreams and desires, that has no rival and thus allowing the brand to launch a collection of onset that can compete on equal terms with the creations of the biggest names in the bridal world.

Dresses with flowing and slippery lines are interspersed with others absolutely more architectural  that seem almost sculptures for the masterfully way they are realized.

Everything is poetry and romanticism. The Bride signed by Atelier Nicole D'Errico don't want to seem a princess during her most beautiful day of her life because she's already is a princess for her manners, grace, natural elegance that she expresses with words and gestures. A real woman by clear ideas that will not only feel beautiful but especially comfortable in thewedding gown that she chose to wear because it looks like her and especially speaks only about her.

Every guest will admire her refined look that is a perfect balance and harmony between inside and out, inner and outer of what we can see and know about the bride and what it belongs only to her universe, so plenty of thoughts and emotions. This hidden secret universe will be, in a certain way, a lot unveiled just thanks the wedding gowns chosen that is always a special unconscious selfportrait of her soul.

The groom himself, seeing her crossing the nave in so sophisticated way, immediately will recognize the love of his life, because the brides that wear a wedding gowns signed by Atelier Nicola D'Errico need no artifice, necklines and slits to attract the attention, they are simply marvelously themselves at its finest. They are stars that shine more than usual but, at the end of this beautiful day, they still stars remain because that's what they are.

That's the kind of woman, deep, profound and sincere that inspired the brand's debut with this amazing collection where everything is Made in Italy, tailoring and handcrafted with the finest fabrics, enchantable embroideries and a design flirting with retrò allure and contemporary appeal, able to find a common ground between these two opposite way to be, an ability that belongs only to the most brilliant couturier.  About  Atelier Nicola D'Errico, the Bride is an hymn to femininity and charme. Magnetic and sensual, but also bon ton and romantic, its bride has thousand souls because evry bride like every women in love is unique and special. Superb veiled necklines in tulle on the back, as well as the fluctuating volants full of liveliness of wide skirt with an original shape r, on the back of long rigorous dresses. From mermaid silhouettes to baroque models with bustier not only with sweetheart becklines and wide bell-shaped skirts, also overlayed in tulle. In many wedding dresses the great protagonist is absolutely the lace, so precious and unique, used also like details to enhance the edge of a refined trains. As a special catapulca, this collection, so perfect in pattern making, tailoring, craftsmanship and tasteful, officially launches this wedding brand among the big international competitors of Bridal High Fashion.

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